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Lan Diep is the common sense leader
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Lan Diep Knows – San Jose Is Stronger than a Virus

Lan Diep’s Four Step Plan for Covid-19 Recovery:

  1. Keep Families in their homes to protect our community and prevent homelessness
  2. Help Small Business Re-Open and Re-Hire
  3. Help Children Learn with Universal Broadband
  4. Make Government More Accountable to Speed Recovery

Standing up to protect renters from unjust evictions

When more than 1,600 residents living at the Westwinds mobile home community received an eviction notice, Lan Diep went to work to protect these long-term residents.

Together with community advocates and Mayor Liccardo, he led the effort to help Westwinds residents and all of San Jose’s mobile home communities. Under Lan’s leadership, the City Council approved a new policy that requires property owners who want to close or develop mobile home sites to:

  • Provide current residents a home at another mobile home within 100 miles or
  • Pay for residents first and last month’s rent, moving costs and offer to buy their existing home
  • Apply for closure, hire a relocation specialist, and prepare a report detailing the impacts of mobile home community closure

Fighting for San Jose’s middle-class families

Lan Diep knows San Jose’s housing crisis is putting our communities and our future at risk. That’s why he has supported policies that address our housing and homeless crisis. In just a few years, Lan Diep’s accomplishments include:

  • Approving a rent control policy that lowered rent increases from 8% to 5% a year
  • Requiring 15% of all new housing units be affordable for hardworking families
  • Negotiating a deal to secure 25,000 affordable homes on the future Google land
  • Streamlining the city’s permitting process to make it easier to build tiny homes
  • Banning landlords from discriminating against renters using Section 8 housing vouchers

Voting to rebuild the San Jose police force

Lan Diep has made public safety his number one priority because he knows when our neighborhoods are safe, San Jose will be stronger. That’s why after years of San Jose’s Police Department’s struggle to attract and retain officers, he voted to substantially hire more police officers to keep our streets safe. In just a few years, San Jose has already seen results:

  • Growth in the police force to over 1,100 officers
  • Decrease of 40% in home burglaries
  • Decrease in car thefts and break-ins by 21%

On the City Council, Lan Diep will continue to focus on strengthening our police force and bringing down the total crime crate too many neighbors still experience.

Expanding free summer school programs for kids

One of the wisest investments we can make is in our kids and their health and wellness. Lan is committed to ensuring every young person in San Jose has adequate resources to learn and grow in a safe environment. That’s why as our Councilmember Lan Diep:

  • Broadened summer education programs that help kids enhance learning from transitional kindergarten through third grade
  • Launched a digital inclusion fund to provide free WiFi to families currently without internet access so students can do schoolwork from home
  • Expanded library hours from four days a week to six so kids have a safe place to do homework after school